LevelSor/Wiz 5
ComponentsV, S, XP
Casting Time2 rounds
RangeSee text
AreaSee text
EffectSee text
DurationPermanent; see text
TargetsSee text
Saving ThrowNone
Spell ResistanceNo

This spell makes certain other spells permanent.

Depending on the spell, you must be of a minimum caster level and must expend a number of XP.

You can make the following spells permanent in regard to yourself.

You cast the desired spell and then follow it with the permanency spell. You cannot cast these spells on other creatures. This application of permanency can be dispelled only by a caster of higher level than you were when you cast the spell.

In addition to personal use, permanency can be used to make the following spells permanent on yourself, another creature, or an object (as appropriate).

Additionally, the following spells can be cast upon objects or areas only and rendered permanent.

Spells cast on other creatures, objects, or locations (not on you) are vulnerable to dispel magic as normal.

XP Cost

See tables above.