There are many reasons we are working on TableTopSRD, but the big one is:


You deserve a site that works on all your devices so you can access your favorite content anywhere. We think you should have everything you want in one place that is quickly accessible and easily searchable.

Who are we? We are just a small team that is working to bring a user-friendly and modern site to the world of tabletop games. We are starting with D20 SRD and Pathfinder SRD and with your help, hopefully we can become the best System Reference Document (SRD) site out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

As this is a new site, we would love to hear what you have to say! Do you have a question, comment, or complaint? Want to try and add something to our list of upcoming features?
  • Will other systems be added to TableTopSRD?

  • Eventually Pathfinder and d20 Modern, but first we have some work to do on d20 v3.5.

  • What other sourcebooks will be added?

  • Only content that is released under Open Game License will be published to this site.

  • What is next?

  • More content for Pathfinder!